Naruto characters who could trick Shikamaru

Shikamaru Nara is known as the great intellectual genius of the Ninja World of Naruto. So much so that in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the ninja ended up being promoted to the right arm of the Hokage, due to his strategic ability and mental agility, which give him a unique ability to solve complex problems under pressure — something essential in battles or critical situations.

Below, we will list 8 characters that have already appeared in Naruto that could easily deceive you. Check out!

1.Tobirama Senju

Konoha’s most important Hokage was also known for being a brilliant genius. In addition to transforming the status of Konoha during his tenure, Tobirama was responsible for the creation of a multitude of secret techniques and jutsus, which until today are considered prohibited due to his difficulty in handling.

Therefore, it is fair to imagine that if he had the opportunity to face Shikamaru, he would probably find a way to surprise him, not giving young Nara’s canny mind a chance to find a way to overcome the legendary Second Hokage’s strength and intelligence.

2.Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is also known for being an extremely intelligent character, and even though we don’t have exact parameters to determine which of the two stands out in this sense, it is true to say that Uchiha has an advantage over Shikamaru thanks to the Sharingan and Rinnegan, which allow him to see advance any opponent’s move.

3.Madara Uchiha

The legendary Uchiha was also known for his advanced intellect, but he also has the advantage of immense power, which is not easily matched by anyone.

Madara was able to demonstrate his tactical skills several times during the series, such as when he managed to plan his rebirth years in advance — cheating several people and unforeseen events along the way.


According to the official Naruto DataBook, Orochimaru and Shikamaru have the same score in terms of intelligence: 5.0. However, once again, Shikamaru would have a severe disadvantage in this confrontation since Orochimaru is a much more experienced ninja and has an in-depth knowledge of jutsus and lethal techniques, capable of surprising Shikamaru almost instantly.

5.Hiruzen Sarutobi

You may not agree, but the Third Hokage is one of the most powerful ninjas of all time. And we are not the ones who are stating this, but the official Naruto DataBook!

In practical terms, we can say that if Hiruzen was able to take care of Orochimaru, he would also be able to find a way to beat Shikamaru. Once again, Shikamaru’s main disadvantage would be the fact that he does not have the same experience as his opponent, which in this case, is superior to that of 95% of the other characters in the series.

6.Shikaku Nara

Shikamaru’s father was equally impressive in terms of intelligence and wit, having also served as an advisor to the Hokage, and being the main tactical mind behind the ninja coalition during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

In addition, he was the only opponent Shikamaru was ever able to win at Shogi.

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